Absolute best hiking trips with wow adventure! My expectations were high, and each trip easily exceeded them. I’ve been traveling with wow adventures for 3 time now, and every time it’s only getting better. I absolutely love every destinantion we went. Arizona, Utah and California.

Alina and Lena immediately make you feel like old friends and made the full tour group feel comfortable and welcome, which is super important when you travel alone. Every time I felt like I travel with my best friends.

The hiking was a trip of a lifetime. The hikes were variable and perfectly designed to meet the needs of different levels of hikers. Breakfast, lunches, and dinner were super fun, easy going, and well thought out with good variety throughout the tour to keep everyone happy. I'm already looking forward to my next trip with them! No question I will be back. Thanks to Alina and Lena for making every trip a real “WOW adventure”.

Yuliya, Florida

Alina & Lena🌸 Thank you so much for such an active Tour in Yosemite National Park! I still can't believe that we climbed all the way to the top of Yosemite falls. After every tour I go with you, I am more motivated to be active and healthy. I also appreciate your tours for the people I meet on it! Everyone is young, active and so positive! I really like everything about Yosemite National Park tour. Starting from very organized airport pick up on the first day, to wine tasting on our last day. The hotel was great. It had all necessary amenities, but at the same time I knew that I was in the nature. Amazing views from the balcony and the sound of running river made me fall asleep instantly. Thank you for everything ❤️

Viliana, Texas

What is important in travel for YOU? Less plan more adventure? Undercover routes and hidden gems? Enthusiastic and fun travel buddies? Awesome service for reasonable money?

Believe me Wow Adventures has it all! From cold Alaskan glaciers to warm California beaches, from erupting volcanoes of Hawaii to snowy peaks of Washington, from desert glamping in Utah to rustic houses in Deer Valley You get best service, customized routes, enjoyable companions. Every dollar spend on traveling with Wow Adventures will return in unforgettable memories and unbelievable experiences - the moments we live for.

I definitely recommend to travel with girls and let Alina and Lena to Wow you on your next adventure.

Come as a customer and stay as a part of family and friends travelers.

Elena, California

The best part of travelling with WOW ADVENTURES is the variety of destinations they offer. Each tour is unique, with multiple exciting locations and challenging activities. The only thing that is the same is an excellent group selection. Everyone is active, very motivated and brings great energy to a group. WOW ADVENTURES choose activities for their tours that most tour companies don’t even think about. I jumped out of the plane, climbed a glacier in Alaska, skied the best resorts in the US, conquered multiple mountains all over the states with rewarding, breathtaking views at the end, and that’s only a few awesome things that WOW ADVENTURES inspired me to do. I will absolutely continue traveling and experience the World with WOW ADVENTURES!

Pavel, Florida


We’re Alina and Elena, the founders of WOW Adventures, and we want to welcome you to the world of exciting adventure travel that we love and want to share with you.  We met in Turkey in 2010, where we discovered that we both have a passion for traveling the world and  experiencing different sports activities. After completing the New York City Marathon in 2018, we decided to pursue learning some extreme sports including surfing, skiing, hiking, and skydiving.  Our goal in starting WOW Adventures was to connect like minded adventurers.  Our tours are based on your not being a passive observer when you are visiting one of our destinations, but on your becoming part of the mountains, seas, or skies of the unique places we have included in our tours.  We invite you to join us and experience adventures that will challenge you, allow you to make new friends, and bring you memories that will last a lifetime.